Prospectus Design: How to Create a Compelling Marketing Tool for Your School

Your school prospectus is a crucial component of your outreach to new students and their parents. While a high-ranking website, on-brand social media presence, and strong reputation will all work in your favour, nothing beats having something physical to hand out on open days or send in the post.

At The Education Marketing Company, we know a thing or two about compelling prospectus design for schools, colleges, and universities. Here’s what you need to know if you’re set on making this year’s prospectus the best yet.

Planning the perfect prospectus

Before you start compiling copy and photos for your prospectus, it’s important to take a step back and assess the goal of this resource. A targeting prospectus will reap better results, so think about the following questions:

  • What is the overall aim of your prospectus? Perhaps this is a prospectus to boost enrolment for next year’s Year 7 intake. Maybe this is a general information leaflet for students from all years who are thinking about moving to your school.
  • Are you competing with another local school and facing pressure to grab the attention of parents and students? You’ll want your prospectus to focus on what sets you apart, showcase your exceptional achievements and facilities, and provide reassurance to any pupils who are still on the fence about their decision.
  • Is it to be handed out at open days or sent in the post as a comprehensive overview of your school? If you’re telling parents and students that the prospectus contains everything they need to know, it needs to contain everything they need to know. It will be more important than ever to review and reflect on your prospectus before going ahead with printing.

You’ll also want to ensure you’re leaving yourself lots of time to design, finalise, and print your prospectuses. If your school has a big event in the diary (one where you will need your prospectuses) get started on them well in advance. You don’t want to end up stressed or rushing them closer to the time.

Interactive leaflets

Interactive leaflets can be a cost-effective, sustainable way to engage your audience. These compact multi-media prospectuses make the most of modern technology to provide students, staff, and parents with an easy way to explore information about the school.

Interactive prospectuses combine print and digital into one handy platform, reducing the need for excessive printed material. They bring the best of both worlds. Readers can enjoy the physical leaflets as a printed summary then use QR codes to access digital content — such as more in-depth online prospectuses, promotional videos, photo galleries, and application forms.

They can also include pop-up augmented reality (AR) videos of students, headteachers, or CEOs.

Creating a compelling prospectus

When it comes to curating your prospectus, there are lots of things that people will be looking for and you won’t want to miss out on including. Don’t leave out…

  • Inspirational photography – showcase your grounds and happy students. Use high-quality images to best reflect your brand
  • Important information – contact details, key dates, admissions process details, school values and ethos, a statement from your headteacher, quotes from Ofsted, and curriculum information
  • A rounded overview of life at your school – balance information about academics and exam results with insights into community life, extracurriculars, and unique opportunities at your school
  • High-quality graphic design – low-quality graphics will reflect poorly on your school and resources. Don’t let your prospectus design let you down!
  • Top-quality printing – think about how your prospectus will fit together, its size, and its length. Things look a lot different on the computer screen. Take time to think about how your end product will look before printing!

Leave it to the professionals

Our biggest piece of advice is to get professional help with your prospectus design and production. A company that knows the ins and outs of the entire prospectus creation process will be able to offer you valuable insights that will improve your prospectus. Plus, with their resources, they can completely take the weight off your shoulders.

At The Education Marketing Company, we can combine our expertise in graphic design, photography, and print to produce a bulk order of prospectuses that perfectly encapsulate your school. We’ll ensure that the design reflects your branding, that all important information is included and easily digestible, and that your prospectus represents your school in the best possible light.

Prospectus design isn’t as straightforward as it seems, but our team has the experience to make the entire process smooth and stress-free. Contact us today to discuss your prospectus needs or to ask us about some of our previous projects.

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