360° Online Virtual Tours

Showcase your school with a professional online tour of your campus

Promote your school with one of our 360-online virtual tours. We’ll help you modernise your website with panoramic scenes of your grounds for prospective students to explore. Contact us today to learn more.

Providing a convenient way for people to see your site remotely, these interactive interfaces will help you stand out from the competition and appeal to students considering your institution.

All our virtual tours are crafted scene by scene using the best vantage points in your school. While you’ll be giving people a real insight into your school, we’ll help you choose the best perspectives and angles to showcase your grounds.

What is a 360-online virtual tour?

A 360-online virtual tour is a series of linked 360-degree rotating panoramic scenes that combine to provide a seamless tour of your school. Tours come with a bespoke branded interface and make the most of high-resolution photography to bring your establishment to life.

Professional editing ties every scene together to create a stunning sense of continuity and movement. Viewers will feel like they’re exploring the school corridors themselves, all while interacting with the interface through their mobile phone or laptop.

Why commission a virtual tour?

These days, prospective students expect to be able to explore your school online before visiting in person. Keeping up with your competition will help you stand out as an outstanding institution that takes its future students’ needs seriously.

A virtual tour also demonstrates that you’re making the most of modern technology to make your school accessible for all. While some students won’t be able to travel to your campus for open days, almost all students will be able to access your virtual tour. All they need is a device and a WiFi connection.

These online tours will also allow parents to see their child’s future school for themselves and let new staff and visitors get a feel for your grounds before they visit.

A high-quality tour lets you take charge of your presentation. Showcase the areas you’re proud of and provide complementary information to highlight your ethos, facilities, and achievements.

School tours with drone footage

We like using drone footage as part of our 360-online tours. Not only do drones allow you to convey the size of your school and give context to your location, but they can also provide a modern, premium feel. Why not add an opening aerial scene to your tour?

There’s no need to book a helicopter or say goodbye to the idea of including a beautiful aerial view. Our drone operators will make the process quick and easy. We’re CAA-authorised, so you don’t need to worry about getting your own drone licence — we can operate on your property completely legally.

High-resolution cameras and advanced software

We use trustworthy high-resolution cameras and high-tech software to professionally produce your school tour. With expertise in creating tours for a range of institutions, our team members know how to craft valuable 360-degree experiences that meet the brief.

Add text, videos, still imagery, and sound to your tour

You can also request additions like text, videos, imagery, and sound to make your tour even more informative. Use text to identify different buildings and rooms, add videos for extra insights, and use still imagery when a photo is sufficient. We can also add branded elements to your tour, so your footage is easily identifiable and helpful in promoting your school. Information points (one per scene) are included in the cost of your tour production.

A professional, bespoke service

We provide schools with the highest level of service to ensure their product is perfect for their needs and meets their strict requirements. Planning meetings are essential to creating a great finished product. We can have exploratory meetings before the final decisions about your footage are made.

Our experienced creative team will then visit your premises and work with you to capture all the material they need. This can be on a date that suits you. We’ll then take the footage back to our office for editing and post-production. We’ll bring all the different video and photo components together, along with any additional features.

We’ll only send you the footage when it’s perfect and ready to be shared on your website.

Book us to produce a state-of-the-art tour for your educational institution today. While we are based in Birmingham, we frequently work with schools, colleges and academies around the UK.