Branding and Graphic Design Services

Refresh your school’s identity with a contemporary rebrand

Design and branding is at the core of our work at The Education Marketing Company. Every school’s image needs a refresh from time to time. Whether you’re looking for a complete transformation and rebranding or some refining of your existing brand, our talented designers are up to the job.

We take a creative and collaborative approach to all our work. From the initial concepts to the finishing touches, we’ll lead the way with your school or college rebranding – while communicating with you at every step.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of design and branding services for schools, colleges, and academies. Need a design service that’s not listed here? Contact us for a chat – we’re sure we’ll be able to help.

Website Design

Make the most of your online presence. Is your website outdated? Perhaps it no longer reflects your school’s brand identity? We want you to be proud of your website. Our team can transform your site into that “dream” platform you have in mind.

We can create a new website from scratch or revise your existing one to make it:


  • User-friendly and easy to navigate
  • In-line with your school’s identity
  • Engaging, eye-catching, and professional
  • Search engine optimised to stand out online
  • Modern and technologically up-to-date
  • Display video and interactive components

Graphic Design

Do you need someone to create high-quality graphics for your school marketing materials? We can provide everything from logos and poster designs to website graphics and interactive elements.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines give your school a roadmap for your future branding decisions. By detailing the ins and outs of your branding, it will be easier than ever to conform to a cohesive image when creating new campaigns or materials.

With years of experience crafting identities for educational institutions, we know how to create school brand guidelines from scratch. Let’s create a clear plan for elements like your colour scheme, imagery, tone of voice, vocabulary, and font.

Complete School Rebranding

Is your school in need of a new image? If you’re hoping to rejuvenate your school’s appearance, rebranding is one of the best ways to do this. We’ll help you make a splash with your new look.

A school rebranding requires us to bring together different aspects like graphic design, website design, merchandising, advertising, print materials, social media, and more.

Our creatives have the insight and know-how to execute your rebrand from start to finish.

Merchandise Design

Creating branded merchandise is a great way to advertise your school and nurture a sense of community amongst your students and alumni. But, before you can produce merchandise, you need some stellar designs.

Our design team can bring your logo, colour scheme, and key graphics together on handy items like mugs, water bottles, t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags.

Your branded merchandise can then be sold in your school or college shop, gifted to prospective students on open days, or sent to alumni on key anniversaries.

Printed materials

As a school, college, or academy, you’ll be producing printed materials all the time. From prospectuses and faculty handbooks to training materials and branded school letters, the list is endless.

We can unite your branding and printed materials. We’ll make your logo and design identity frame the page – no matter the format.

Whether you need advertising materials like posters and flyers or internal communications materials for teachers, students, or parents, we’ll be able to handle it.

Digital Communications

When thinking about school branding, it’s easy to neglect areas like social media and email marketing. But these platforms can benefit from design and branding, too.

Make your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles reflective of your image, vision, and values. Ensure your email communications contain your logo, branded banners, and interactive elements. Embellish your YouTube videos with consistent branding to remain distinctive, memorable, and easily identifiable.

See how we can transform your digital identity through quality, professional design.

Establishing an Identity

Are you struggling to establish a clear identity for your educational institution? We can work with you to discover your niche, clarify your ethos, and craft a cohesive visual identity.

“TEMC have been absolutely amazing in helping us realise our goal of creating a modern and up-to-date school prospectus that truly showcases our provision and offer at Hagley Catholic High School. Every stage of the process was delivered timely and professionally, and the finished product was better than we could have hoped.”

James Hodgson
Hagley Catholic High School (Principal)

Marketing for Schools, Colleges, Academies

Why work with us?

At The Education Marketing Company, our design and branding skills are at the heart of all our services. We’re experienced professionals with years of experience partnering with schools, colleges, and academies in Birmingham, the Midlands, and elsewhere in the UK.

You know your school through and through. You’ll have the vision – we’re here with the skills to bring it to life. We’ve specialised in branding within the education sector, meaning all our ideas have proven successful time and time again for schools just like yours.

We’ve worked on rebranding projects with…

  • St John Bosco Catholic Academy
  • Stour Vale Academy Trust
  • Windsor Academy Trust
  • Emmaus Catholic MAC

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