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Augmented reality (AR) is an advanced tool that adds digital content to the real environment. It might sound high-tech, but we can easily make the most of AR within your communications.

Interactive leaflets using AR - the Education Marketing Company

Interactive leaflets using AR

Our interactive leaflets with AR are a fantastic way to future-proof your print. What seems like a simple printed booklet is actually enhanced with digital content. Bespoke to your school and truly engaging, these leaflets are a modern way to communicate with your school network.

Using their smartphone, readers can see additional text, images, or videos on top of the printed material. This could help you provide engaging information and visuals about the history of your school, add a new dimension to a school map, or demonstrate your school’s scientific breakthroughs in a multi-sensory way.

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What are interactive leaflets?

An interactive leaflet does away with the need for printed prospectuses. These compact, multi-media leaflets make the most of modern technology to provide students, staff, and parents with an easy way to explore information about your school.

We can make your interactive leaflets contain pop-up augmented reality (AR) videos of students, headteachers, or CEOs, plus QR codes that link to your other digital content – such as online prospectuses, promotional videos, photo galleries, and application forms.

Combining print and digital, interactive leaflets reduce the need for excessive printed material. As the leaflets can link to online content using printed QR codes, readers can use your leaflets as a printed summary before referring to your digital links for more information.

interactive leaflets - the Education Marketing Company

The benefits of using AR

Using AR can bring benefits such as…

Reduced printing costs

Rather than spending money printing 300 full-size prospectuses a year, you could print smaller brochures that display QR codes. When scanned, readers could view AR videos of your headteacher speaking – providing an engaging way to convey the same information.

Less paper waste

Smaller brochures that make the most of QR and AR will contain less paper. They will help to reduce your school’s environmental impact by creating less paper waste.

A fun experience

Many people have never experienced AR before. Give your pupils and parents a novel experience with new technology.

QR in leaflets and flyers - the Education Marketing Company

QR in leaflets and flyers

Your interactive leaflets can contain QR codes that allow readers to:

  • View a video
  • Explore your social media platforms
  • See their invitation to an event
  • Access a discount code
  • View an online prospectus

Readers will be able to hold up their smartphone to the QR code and view all this information immediately through their device.

Even if you change your digital content, your leaflets will remain valid. This future-proofs your communications as you won’t waste money on printing leaflets that contain soon-to-be out-of-date information. You’ll enjoy the freedom to edit online event information, invitations, and videos – knowing people can access this new, accurate information.

Don’t choose between print and digital – use both

School leaders often feel like they have to choose between print and digital for their communications and marketing materials. But when some families and staff prefer old-school print and others feel more comfortable with digital, it can feel impossible to please everyone.

Interactive leaflets solve this problem by making the most of both. People will still receive a physical leaflet, but they’ll be able to access exciting extras online. This could be more information about an event, a 360-online virtual tour, or AR videos – whatever appeals to you and best suits your school’s needs.

Ask us about our previous projects

Struggling to visualise an interactive leaflet? If you’re keen to learn more about the benefits of interactive print, reach out to our friendly team today. We can guide you through some of our past projects and show you examples. This will help to clarify whether interactive leaflets are a good choice for your institution and provide you with some inspiration for your own order.

Case study

Working with…

  • Halesowen College
  • Bishop Milner Catholic College
  • St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School
  • Fairfax Academy

We’ve created useful interactive leaflets for some of the UK’s best schools and academies. Interested in learning how we can help your school? Contact us today.

Bishop Milner Sixth Form Interactive

Use modern technology to your advantage

When prospective students are considering your school, interactive materials that use cutting-edge technology will only make your school more attractive. Showing is better than telling. So don’t just explain that your school is keeping up with technology trends – let students experience your high-tech tools for themselves.

Interactive leaflets are an impressive, fun, and social way to showcase your school.

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