Ridgewood High School

Enrolment Campaign

Together, we turned challenges into triumphs, breathing new life into the legacy of Ridgewood High School
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Ridgewood High School, situated in the heart of Wollaston, has always had a special place in the local community. However, in 2020, the school approached us with an urgent mission – to boost student intake numbers and breathe new life into their image. The importance of maximising Pupil Admission Numbers (PAN) has never been more apparent, particularly when the average funding per pupil is projected to be £7,460 in the fiscal year 2023-24. I’m sure you can do the maths, but a shortfall of just 20 pupils in a year can result in a staggering £150,000 annual loss of revenue and this financial hole will persist until that particular year group completes their schooling.

What We Did

Refreshed Branding

We recognised that the school’s logo needed a modern overhaul to enhance its appeal in the local community. In response, we embarked on a mission to breathe new life into Ridgewood High School’s visual identity. Our in-house design team developed a new school logo and a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to ensure not only the revitalisation of the logo but also the consistent and proper implementation of the refreshed brand across all applications, from the prospectus to the school uniform. This brand transformation served as the cornerstone of our strategy, paving the way for further innovative approaches to attract prospective students and parents.

Targeted Mailer

In anticipation of the registration deadline, our team took to the drawing board, designing and printing a beautifully crafted leaflet with a single purpose – to leave a lasting impression on prospective pupils and parents. We didn’t stop at design and print. The school identified a specific area in Stourbridge with low Ridgewood representation in close proximity to the school. Our dedication extended beyond the design phase and we hand-delivered the beautiful brochures to the doors of 2,600 homes within the chosen area. This hands-on, personalised approach aimed to not only introduce the school to the community but also establish a strong connection with the families who would soon become part of the Ridgewood High School family.

Social Media Campaign

A well-executed social media strategy can significantly bolster a school’s presence, and for Ridgewood High School, we knew that connecting with the community through these digital channels was pivotal. We collaborated with the school to create and publish one organic post and one paid post per week for a duration of three months. These posts were strategically shared on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where we could engage with both the school’s existing community and the broader online audience. This approach was carefully tailored to boost social signals and overall brand awareness, making Ridgewood High School a prominent and engaging presence on social media.

Bus Advertising

When it comes to promoting a school, innovative approaches are key, and bus advertising proved to be a highly effective medium for Ridgewood High School. We harnessed the power of bus rears, recognising their potential to capture attention and spread the school’s message far and wide. For Ridgewood, we made full use of this medium by utilising 20 buses, embarking on a dynamic four-week campaign that aimed to maximise exposure and visibility. The eye-catching “eyeball” count during this campaign left a lasting impression, ensuring that Ridgewood High School’s presence could not be overlooked. Stourbridge For the Stourbridge area, the bus media would have been seen by nearly 65% of the local population. – Cover: 64.93% – Reach: 48.16 – TA Population: 74.17
Ridgewood High School Bus Advertisement

Enrol Now Video

In the digital age, visual storytelling is paramount, and for Ridgewood High School we produced a captivating video that would not only inspire but also entice prospective applicants. To ensure top-notch quality, we entrusted this task to our accomplished videographer, whose extensive experience at both the BBC and Channel 4 guaranteed a production of the highest standard. The resulting video was a testament to the school’s vibrancy and potential, featuring drone footage, gimbal shots, and slider shots that beautifully showcased students in various settings around the school.


Following our partnership with Ridgewood High School, they proudly celebrated a remarkable 22% year-on-year increase in enrolment numbers. The hard work of the leadership teams at Ridgewood High School and Stour Vale Academy Trust cannot be underestimated and they really have transformed the school. We believe that our campaign played a pivotal role in these impressive numbers, showcasing the tangible impact of strategic marketing. If you’re curious about the investment required for such results, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are eager to explore how we can assist you in growing and maintaining your pupil intake.
“We’re pleased to see that the numbers for Ridgewood’s admission numbers are a step in the right direction. Given the increased competition and the further decrease in the total number of pupils, this is a great achievement. Thank you for your work and support.”
Stephen Dunster

Ridgewood High School